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Cheesy Star Trek theme songs aside, it hasn’t been an easy road as a freelancer.  Automotive photographers are everywhere nowadays, and with DSLR’s becoming cheaper and cheaper each and every passing sales quarter don’t expect the count to go down.  I personally don’t think its an entirely bad thing, however it makes it harder for seasoned shooters to become noticed anywhere other than their local car forums.  Automotive photography got me into the business of wedding photography as well.  As most probably know reading this, shooting a wedding for someone other than a close friend, is quite a daunting and stressful time period.  Deadlines, contracts, and hundreds of hours post processing eventually lead into a handsome paycheck.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the stress of covering weddings as a primary photographer, but getting married isnt a personal hobby of mine; unlike quite a few seemingly divorced couples filling the statistical pages these days!  But when it comes to automotive photography, it just so happens anything that has a gas tank and a go pedal interests me. 

All of this talk about photography gets me to my main point; the rewards!  Sure a handsome paycheck from bride-zilla is nice, but seeing your photos published in media brings a different euphoria to the senses.  In my term so far of covering automotive events, I have had the privilege of providing coverage to some of the top names in the industry; from Brian Crower, Peak Motorsports; Enkei Wheels; and most importantly DSport Magazine.  You’ve seen their magazines on shelves in Borders Books, Barnes and Noble, all the way down to your local grocery stores!  The team at DSport has been nothing less than phenomenal in providing the absolute highest quality articles/DVDs/photos of the latest in the import community.

So when I was presented with the ability to provide coverage for them years ago, it was nothing short of any freelancers dream come true!   But a lot of people ask, “man what do you shoot with”, to inquire the equipment can make your photos look amazing!  Well, a lot of people may be shocked to find out back in 2003 and 2004 , I shot with a little old Nikon D50 and a 70-300mm lens that was so loud when the focusing rings turned it sounded like you were moving one of NASAs telescopes!  You don’t need thousands of dollars in equipment to be noticed ( even though it sure as hell makes the job slightly easier).  Developing your own style and having someone take notice is key.  Even though I have since upgrading my equipment light-years beyond what I originally had that statement still holds validity.   My personal “break” came back in early 2006 when Enkei Wheels contacted me to use media in their upcoming calendar which sent me to Chicago.  Traveling about then became something that I knew I wanted to do.  Different cities, different people, one same passion.   As I’m typing this I am displaying a couple sets of my published pieces as sort of a display of the shots that have made their way through my shutter finger to the printing presses on the West Coast.   Each year that goes by, I learn so many things from old friends, and new faces.  Despite being off for an entire year, I feel back at home once again behind the sometimes constricting confines of a viewfinder.  Often times someone asks me if Id rather be watching from a comfortable chair and cheering on with the crowd than trying to capture a snapshot on a sideline stuffed around other photographers.

When all is said and done at the end of the day, you’re only left with snippets of your recollection of the things that happen.   To be able to bring those memories back in the form of photography is priceless.  As I approach my elderly age of 30 (3 more years!) I have become more nostalgic in my ways.

Opportunities for niche freelance photography work are endless, and even though this may be the case, we should never stop trying to improve ourselves and our craft.  Each and every time we grab the camera and head out the door, much like an artist preparing his canvas and oils, we mentally get ready for the action waiting for us behind the shutter and with

a little bit of luck, timing, and skill we hope to obtain that one shot that makes standing out all day all worth it in the end.

-George Atchison


To kick off a return from a long hiatus, I’m offering my professional services at NO CHARGE to you.  Now there are some limitations that I will toss down below.  But if you think your ride is worthy of an article and photo set on my site then email me at the address below!

What I am looking for:

-Tastefully modified

-A car that stands out from a crowd

-VIP/Shop Cars/Euro/Old School/Honda/Mitsu/Hyundai/Subaru/ETC

-If your car has an interesting background story even better!

Thats it!  If you fill any of those qualifications drop me a line!  Car clubs feel free to spread the word and vote someone from your group!

So whats the catch?

Only catch is you have to come to a location I designate.  Usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, so please be on time and dont plan on canceling.  You only get one shot!

So there, what are you waiting for?  Email me now at with the following info



-Short description of your vehicle with a current photo

– Best contact number

– Anything else you would like to mention!

Over the past few years, Ive had the pleasure of meeting some great people and shooting some equally amazing built machines.  Below you will find my personal favorites that I had stumbled upon.  I hope you enjoy them as well.  All images will display the original when clicked.  So out of these, which one is yours?

Finally got a chance to finish up my top choices for Tandem and Single Run photos.  If you have any requests or would like to purchase any photos please feel free to email me at  And as always watermarked photos are always free to distribute and post elsewhere.  Click the links below to view each gallery.


Solo Runs

Managed to squeeze by a few moments to work on the pit photos from this weekends Round 3 @ Turner Field.

Tandem and the Remainder of the Photos will be posted later this evening. Click on the image below for the full gallery.

Another excellent show put on with an exorbitant amount of cars in attendance.  Vendors and multiple parking decks filled with local and out of state import owners as they met for this once a year get together.  If you missed out on this event dont worry, because its going to be back in Tennessee in July later this year!  Below youll see some of my favorite vehicles from the meet.

Click on any of the links below for the Gallery